Kare First Love Book 7

When I reviewed the previous book, I was disappointed in it, finding it repetitive and feeling like it was marking time. This new volume gets past that hump with significant developments in the young couple’s relationship. Spoilers follow.

Kare First Love Book 7 cover
Kare First Love Book 7
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As this volume opens, Karin and Kiriya have made up after having a fight. They’re out together at night, and neither one of them wants to separate, but they’re constrained by others’ expectations. Since they’re young, they have few choices for appropriate places to go. They only want to be with each other, but they don’t want to make a choice that’s too obvious about their desires, since Karin, at least, may not be ready to follow through on what that means. They’re killing time just to spend more of it in each other’s presence, and they’re searching from distractions for fear of having to discuss the underlying causes behind their fight.

Not a lot happens in every chapter of this book, but its portrayal of the emotions of teenage love is faithful, especially Karin’s internal monologues. The images of the couple’s desperate embraces demonstrate their passion in the way they cling to each other. Then comes the development I mentioned earlier, as the two sleep together for the first time. Instead of making the event traumatic for the girl, the author chooses instead to focus on more realistic questions and concerns stemming from the event: amusing oneself until one’s partner wakes up the morning after, embarassment over what one was wearing (since the event wasn’t planned for), cooking breakfast together.

Everything isn’t sunshine and roses, though. The two lovers don’t exist in a vacuum — Karin has her family and Kiriya a past relationship to negotiate. Karin’s been approached to continue modeling, and a former girlfriend of Kiriya’s is an assistant at the shoot. She’s still bitter over their breakup and taking jabs at Karin as a result. Karin and Kiriya are learning to talk about more of the things that they worry about, sharing more of their concerns to avoid problems and secrets, but they don’t yet tell each other everything. That provides the soap opera that keeps the reader involved.


  1. not gonna tell ya

    i noticed you seem to be disappointed with this book….and the previous book……so i was wondering, if you are so disappointed….why do you keep reading them? no need to get back to me. I’m not looking for a reply. I was just wondering and wanted to ask you. you seem very negative towards this book.

  2. I’m afraid you’ve misread me. I was disappointed with the previous book, but I thought this volume was a significant improvement, as I say in the first paragraph.

    In return, I’m wondering why someone would bother asking a question when they’re “not looking for a reply.” :)

  3. i think the book is really good and if yall got a prob with that bring it on!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this series of shojo. It describez love in a different way den most bookz. in most bookz da ppl never have problemz an it doesn’t seem real, but dis makez it seem lyke it could really happen. Aoi an karin make mistakez. The thang it dont lyke iz da last volume. I thynk they kind of rush thangz 2 have the book just end. I would’ve LOVED further series 2 c wat else happened in their lives. but I loved it over all. peace, 1, Alexis

  5. I lovee this book! The people are soooo hawt!

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