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Jamie S. Rich contributes a guest column at Comic Book Galaxy on the romance genre. Specifically, he’s concerned with being faithful to a genre at the same time he wants his work to be fresh and original. Ultimately, the essay is a piece of self-promotion for two of his upcoming projects, but when he talks about his influences for Love the Way You Love, a rock-and-roll love story, being Almost Famous and Sensual Phrase, I’m convinced. I’m also very impressed by the sample art by Joëlle Jones from 12 Reasons Why I Love Her.

At Publishers Weekly (link no longer available), Eric Shanower discusses the possibility of Age of Bronze going to collected editions only. I’ve read too many pieces by artists and companies blaming the readers for their tastes and trying to blackmail them into sticking with periodicals (even when that’s not what they wanted; retailer discussion around DC’s upcoming 52 was full of this kind of thing). It’s refreshing to see a creator/publisher recognize what his audience is telling him, that they prefer the book format for such an involving story, and instead of whining about it, look at how he needs to change to keep the project going. Shanower is considering web serialization, but he hasn’t yet made up his mind, saying “Since the book collections are secure, I want to make sure people know the books are still happening.” That’s a publishing decision I can support!

(And at the end of that piece, a news tidbit: Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor, last published in 1996, is due to put out another issue later this year.)

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