Rex Mundi Moves to Dark Horse

Rex Mundi is moving to Dark Horse. Issue #18 will be the last at current publisher Image, with the first Dark Horse issue due in August. (No word on whether the series will renumber or not.)

The last six issues of Image’s run will be collected by Dark Horse and released in September, followed by reprints of the two previous Image collections.

Dark Horse is also working on turning the property into a movie, a choice ICV2 connects to interest in religious-themed thrillers driven by the upcoming DaVinci Code movie. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez also speculates (no longer available) that the Hollywood link is significant.

Image Central, still plagued by late shipping, doesn’t have very many titles that have broken into double-digit issues so this is a rather remarkable move, especially considering their reputation as the publisher for creator-owned work. The answer may be buried at the end of the announcement: “A Rex Mundi feature film is in the works through Dark Horse Entertainment.” The siren call of Hollywood is a strong one.

He brings up an interesting point — is Image’s main function these days as a kind of business incubator, where books and/or creators start there and move on when they become successful and/or poached? Meanwhile, Kevin Melrose analyzes the series logo and its changes.

If you like complex historical mystery stories, Rex Mundi is a good choice. There’s a lot of background information available at the book’s website (first link above) to find out more.

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