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Well, obviously, it’s not the travel that takes me away from this blog, it’s the getting home and having other things to catch up on. Good to know.

Lots of things happening online these days… here’s some of the highlights.

The Comic Foundry site has relaunched as a monthly webzine with lots of fascinating features. (I’m SO glad to see new ideas for articles and columns!) Plus, they have a blog for in-between, more frequent updates. Most interesting post so far: how the cover for Papercutter #2 rips off Esquire magazine.

You’re probably heard, but the latest CBLDF case, Gordon Lee vs. the state of Georgia, took an odd twist. The prosecution dropped all charges (the ones it’s cost $50,000 or so to fight so far) because they had their facts wrong, and then they promptly filed new ones. That seems really unfair. You shouldn’t get to call “Do Over!” when you’re screwing with someone’s livelihood and freedom.

Also commenting on the case: Mark Evanier (who speculates that this is effectively a case of legal blackmail, although he uses more polite terms, in order to get Lee to plead guilty to something to make it go away) and Tom Spurgeon.

On a lighter note, Isotope Comics is posting free comic previews all week. Although they’re not full comics, only previews, there’s a good range of material included. They started with The Leading Man, an upcoming Oni miniseries by B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) and Jeremy Haun (Paradigm). (The two previously worked together on Battle Hymn.)

Today, the title was Tony Consiglio’s 110 Percent, a book I’m very curious about due to its boy-band-fan premise.

Here’s a really weird bit of trivia to end on: an example of the made-up Legion language Interlac used in a Spider-Man comic.

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