Jay Hosler’s Dr. NoNoNo

The wonderful Jay Hosler (author of The Sandwalk Adventures and Clan Apis) has made available a charming five-page comic story called The Diabolical Dr. NoNoNo. It’s about how children interact with their world as experimenters and how parents must balance protection with allowing them to explore. And it’s just adorable! And thought-provoking, of course, like all of his work.

2 Responses to “Jay Hosler’s Dr. NoNoNo”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Creepy! Not the comic, it was really cute and good. Yet I was just thinking this morning about comic creators I haven’t seen anything from in a while and Jay was the first one I thought of.

  2. Santiago Casares Says:

    Thanks for the lin Johanna!
    Loved the comic, and have already forwarded the link to my brother (so he can see himself as the great parent he is!).




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