Complete Peanuts Deal

The first Complete Peanuts volume (1950-1952) is on sale at for 60% off its list price of $29. This is the second series of Fantagraphics historical strip reprints to go on radical sale, after the first Dennis the Menace collection was similarly discounted a couple of weeks ago.

Is this a smart way to get people to sample these hardcover series? Do they continue to buy additional volumes at higher prices? Or is Amazon or someone else stuck with stock they want to clean out? A quick check didn’t reveal any other fantastic Fantagraphics deals, although the 1955-1956 Peanuts book is on sale at the same price as the first one. Others in the series are 37% off (still good, but not this great).

4 Responses to “Complete Peanuts Deal”

  1. Captain Spaulding Says:

    As another data point, the Hank Ketcham autobiography is also 60% off.

    Given that it’s 1st and 3rd volume of the Peanuts book on sale (that is, no rhyme or reason), my suspicion is someone’s stuck with overstock.

  2. David Welsh Says:

    Heck, I was just happy to see the Castle Waiting collection at 37% off. The Peanuts books are closer to list price over at Barnes & Noble, so I would guess the Amazon overstock theory is probably correct.

    And neither seems to have the Little Nemo book available.

  3. Michael Denton Says:

    And their overstock is my benefit. I’m not a huge Peanuts fan, but when I can buy two volumes for the price of one in such a well designed format, you better believe I’m gonna!

  4. Johanna Says:

    It’s reminded me that I need to find time to read the Peanuts books.




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