Sabrina the Teenage Witch #74

I continue to be impressed by the way writer/artist Tania del Rio balances long- and short-range storytelling in this series. Every issue has an individual plot as well as advancing the more soap opera-like continuing stories.

Here, Sabrina’s still torn up over having kissed Shinji while he was dating her best friend Llandra. Now, Sabrina can’t talk to the person she most wants to communicate with about her crush, her uncertainty, or her regret. Regardless of what happens in her love life, she misses her friend more. That’s a complication any teen can relate to (or empathize with) even though these characters all happen to be witches.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #74 cover
Sabrina the
Teenage Witch #74

This issue, the class is assigned to interview each other in order to build web pages. Due to a series of coincidences, Sabrina and Shinji wind up as partners. They’re extremely reluctant, and not just because of their recent interaction. We’d already seen hints of oddness in Shinji’s past, but Sabrina having a secret about her family is new.

The two research each other because they won’t talk to each other. Sabrina’s discoveries wind up tying together plot elements from the last six issues, although they’re explained for new or forgetful readers as well as footnoted, while Shinji’s findings set up possibilities for future issues.

Artwise, Sabrina’s talking cat works well as both cute comic relief and someone to retell necessary story elements to. More significantly, del Rio does a wonderful job capturing adolescent body language and fashion. Her gutterless pages are full, moving the story along quickly, packing the issue with events, and making for good reading value. There’s also a bonus page showing how to draw Sabrina in manga style.

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  1. annette lim Says:

    i would like to know esmeralda and shinjis last name




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