Archie Videogame Deal Announced

FXLabs Studios is going to be developing a 3-D racing game for the PC and XBox featuring the Archie characters driving around Riverdale. This is reportedly the first videogame based on “the Archie universe”. (Bit odd to see the “uinverse” terminology usally applied to superheroes in this context, I think.) It’s due sometime next year and right now is called “Archie’s Riverdale Run”.

I’m not a gamer and I don’t own either of those platforms, but I am curious as to how the characters appear in three dimensions, given that the trend with some of the current artists has been to flatten them out even more than typical.

5 Responses to “Archie Videogame Deal Announced”

  1. Captain Spaulding Says:

    If I can drive Archie’s jalopy, I’m sold. (Does he still have the jalopy?)

  2. Johanna Says:

    They promise a variety of vehicles, so I guess it’s possible… fun idea!

    (In the comic, he drives an old car, but not THAT old.)

  3. Captain Spaulding Says:

    When I was reading Archie comics as a kid in the late 70’s and early 80’s, he still had the jalopy. I could see two points of view on that in the comics:
    1) It’s ridiculous for a modern-day teenager to own a car from the 20’s.
    2) Even though the jalopy is dated, it’s an integral part of the Archie character (like Jughead’s crown which is also arguably dated).

    Either is defendable, I’d imagine.

  4. Captain Spaulding Says:

    Looking closer at the link, there’s a picture of Archie standing next to the jalopy so it looks like FXLabs a) will be providing the jalopy and b) knows what would sell an Archie driving game.

  5. James Schee Says:

    Hmm it is a race game, so each character will likely have their own car.

    Archie gets the jalopy I’m guessing.

    Veronica probably gets a sporty convertible.

    What does Betty drive? For some reason I’m picturing her in a pickup truck.

    Reggie in a mustang or the like.

    Jughead in a food van perhaps?

    I wonder will Sabrina be in it? Any of the newer characters?




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