Assignment Tokyo

I was sent a link to this interesting weekly sketch blog by Dirk Schwieger. He’s living in Tokyo, and he’s taking assignments. You send him a question about a place there or some topic, and he draws a short comic about it.

So far he’s covered fashion, roller coasters, toilet issues, gender politics, cultural differences, and of course, food. Nice style, too. I’m glad to see journalism comics of this sort, because the medium is so well-suited to an efficient presentation of visual material.

2 Responses to “Assignment Tokyo”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, that’s a great site. I am going to have to think up an assignment.

  2. Moresukine Due in July » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Two years ago, I pointed out a comic sketch blog by Dirk Schwieger. He was living in Tokyo and taking requests from readers for “assignments”, things readers wanted to see him draw. Subjects included “spend a night in a pod hotel” or “try fugu (poisonous blowfish) sushi” or “talk about fashion”. […]




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