Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 2

These days, I admire NBM for putting out adult comics featuring explicit sex so unabashedly. With a full nude drawing as the cover of The Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 2, at least buyers can’t argue that they didn’t know what they were getting.

This collection includes four issues of the comic, by which point the soap opera was in full swing. Omaha’s being kept as a very pampered captive by her boyfriend Chuck’s father, a rich and powerful man, while Chuck’s shacked up with Joanne, his ex-girlfriend and ex-secretary to his father’s leading rival. There’s a growing supporting cast of friends and co-workers and conspirators to keep things interesting. Every so often, there’s a new revelation or shock; it’s a way of shaking around the characters, as though they were dice, in order to get new patterns to work with.

Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 2
The Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 2

Everyone’s frequently overly dramatic, as suits an escapist fantasy. A good part of the content isn’t emotionally realistic to me, probably due to differing cultural context and background. Most obviously, I don’t understand why Chuck, notified that his girlfriend has been very nicely kidnapped, promptly falls into bed with Joanne. Well, “understand” isn’t the right word… I can guess at what reasons might motivate him, but I don’t sympathize or agree with them, especially once he keeps living at her place.

At times, the story and characters are strong enough that the sexual content is secondary. During some scenes, it almost feels as though the author is thinking “oh, too many pages have gone by, time for some sex”. In other words, there’s more than one reason to read this comic.

For example, I appreciate the way that no boundaries meant that certain scenes could be portrayed realistically. I’m not talking about the kind you expect, but one in particular that comes to mind. Omaha is showering with a friend who’s recently been paralyzed from the waist down. There’s nothing sexual about it as the two talk about the friend’s life changes and what she’s had to come to terms with. It’s a charming scene of help where the nudity is incidental but necessary.

There are two additional historical tidbits included in this book: an introduction written by Kate Worley in 1989 about how she started writing the comic and a Hostess Twinkies ad parody in which Omaha defeats a mugger with snack cakes. I previously reviewed Volume 1.

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    […] The Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 3 is where the series begins to demonstrate why readers loved and raved about it. When I reviewed Volume 2, I talked about the overly dramatic soap opera that revolved around shocking revelations. Here, though, the appeal comes from knowing and caring about the characters, not external events. The reader is hooked into “what happens next?” because the people (regardless of their cat heads) have become three-dimensional. […]




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