Fell Success

The Fell experiment is clearly a success. As the Image press release says,

Five Eisner Award nominations. Three issues sold out. Still only $1.99, the best deal in comics. FELL is having the best week ever. Image Comics has announced it is going back to print on three separate issues of FELL — new printings on the two most recent issues (#3 and #4) along with a FOURTH printing for FELL #1. In keeping with previous re-printings, each new printing of FELL will feature the same cover and content, with no variants. Aside from its amazing creative team and universal praise, what sets FELL apart is its unique format — coming in at only $1.99 for 24 pages, the ultra-compact story delivers more bang for the buck and is pioneering what is quickly being nicknamed the “FELL Format” comic book. “It’s absurd that we are doing another printing of a $1.99 comic featuring a nun wearing a Richard Nixon mask. But as long as retailers keep selling ‘em, we’ll keep printing ‘em,” said Warren Ellis. “And to think some retailers accused us of leaving money on the table. We seem to be hoovering it up pretty damn good, no?”

This is quite an impressive success story. At a time when DC and Marvel are inching prices ever upwards, with $4 not an unusual price for a standard-format comic, Ellis and Ben Templesmith have found a way to put out an enjoyable package at half that price. When other publishers are goosing sales with alternate covers, Image keeps going back to press to meet demand without changing the package or adding gimmicks. And this fourth printing is happening on an issue that had an initial print run of around 30K.

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