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Sadly, in his latest review column, Graeme is right about Young Avengers (at the bottom of the column). Well, he’s right about a lot of things in this bunch of reviews, but the YA comments really struck me, especially since his comparison is right on.

This book has gone from being tied to Marvel history to being tied down by it, with all the potential of the first six issues being lost in a mess of continuity retcons and House of M tie-ins, and the shift to bimonthly status has shed whatever remained of the initial momentum. Just as the first arc of this book was the most promising launch of a Marvel book since Astonishing X-Men, so has the second arc been the biggest letdown.

Next, this brief NY Times article reminds me of comics. When you define the term properly, to look at the medium instead of a genre, then it turns out that “Women far outnumber men among game players aged 25 to 34″. It’s just that instead of focusing on “supercompetitive” action games, or games that require the high-priced buy-in of a dedicated system, women play casual web games like solitaire.

Mike makes an excellent point: blaming something that’s under your control for something you don’t like seems a bit schizo, at best, and bait-and-switch otherwise.

[DC] writers and editors, they do know that they are, in fact, the ones writing the gloomy stories, yes? I mean, it’s nifty for them to have a reboot or whatever, but they’re still going to actually have to write the non-gloomy type stories? I ask because I’ve been poking around a couple of the One Year later books, and so far, Clark Kent gets beat up by Luthor, KGBeast gets killed, and, well, this ain’t exactly Elliot S! Maggin, Cary Bates, and Paul Levitz at the height of the Bronze Age, here.

IDW wants more attention from the comic market, so their next CSI miniseries panders directly to fans: Dying in the Gutters casts Rich Johnston as the murder victim, and a cast of comic professionals at a convention are the suspects.

“We’ve been doing CSI for about three or four years now. It’s probably the longest running book we’ve been doing and anytime you’ve been doing stuff for a long time, sales start to flatten out. So, we were looking for ways to freshen up the concept,” [Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall said]. “Rather than just invent some new mystery, we wanted to find some way to get comic fans involved who may not pick up the comic regularly. The books seem to sell well through our Web site and in bookstores, but I don’t know that it’s appealing to your typical super hero fan. So, we were trying to come up with a way that the series might expand its audience a bit.”

Update: Steven Grant, writer of the CSI story, has provided his thoughts on the story idea and marketing.

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  1. James Schee Says:

    Hmm could be fun, could be lame, hopefully they play it fair and not all injokes that only the diehard comic fan who has followed every online controversy can follow.




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