Mark Evanier Explains It

Because it’s a light movies-on-cable week for me, I decided to give Celebrity Cooking Showdown a try on Tivo, even though I’d never heard of half the “celebrities”. Imagine my surprise last night when Will & Grace (a sitcom that should have been put out of our misery a couple of years ago) took its place with no notice. Now Mark Evanier explains what happened.

It seems that ratings were terrible, so NBC pulled the plug before the final competition and reveal of the winner, instead putting the episodes on their website (where I couldn’t get any video to work). I’m surprised that they didn’t continue airing them on Bravo, which was doing repeats of the show anyway. Evanier points out why they made a bad choice:

Okay, so the ratings may have been dreadful…but it was promised, it oughta be delivered. Not that long ago, NBC did the same thing with the third competition of Last Comic Standing, suddenly deciding to not run the final episode. That caused some ill feelings and this new termination will, as well. Somewhere, there are going to be viewers who will not bother with the next NBC special event series because it’s frustrating to get wrapped up in a game and not get to see the ending.

He even connects it to comics. I can’t imagine why airing something different without telling people of the change is a better idea, because people who want to see the sitcoms won’t know they’re there. Most of the people tuning in will instead not see what they wanted to or planned.

Update: Evanier has an update: the last two episodes are showing tomorrow night at 8 and 9 PM ET.

6 Responses to “Mark Evanier Explains It”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Words can’t describe how asinine I think that programming decision was.

  2. Jer Says:

    Putting something like Will and Grace on makes sense if you think you’re going to catch people flipping by the channels who like Will and Grace. Its pretty iffy.

    I tend to agree with Evanier – why pull a show with two episodes left? Bite the bullet, show the episodes and get on with it. The only thing I can think of is that they made some kind of minimum ratings promise to their advertisers and were in a panic because they were going to have to give back some money or something. This kind of stuff cheeses me off, even if I’m not watching the shows, because someday they’re going to do it to something I want to watch and it will royally tick me off.

  3. M High Says:

    I find it ironic that the NBC empire can produce a *good* cooking competition show, Top Chef on Bravo, but also crank out a pile of shit like their “Cooking with the Stars” at the same time.

    Me, I’m just waiting for them to bring back a classic like “Bowling for Dollars”.

    Wait….even better…CELEBRITY Bowling for Dollars!

  4. Lyle Says:

    Nah… Reality TV All-Star Bowling for Dollars! ;P

  5. Shawn Fumo Says:

    I only caught part of one episode, but did they really decide the winner by telephone? I mean really.. a lot of things could work that way, but not a cooking competition!

  6. Johanna Says:

    They were going to, and host Alan Thicke kept saying “use the judges’ comments as your guide”, but I’m not sure they ever opened up the phone lines, given the rescheduling.




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