The Interman

In his introduction, Mark Schultz places this original full-color graphic novel firmly in the thoughtful adventure tradition, where exciting heroes engage in daring action that tests their core values. It’s a good analysis.

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The Interman
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Van Meach, a normal man with extraordinary abilities, was created as part of a cold war CIA program. His body is able to adapt as needed to extreme situations, so he can survive any environment by growing gills or changing his cell structure subconsciously. Now he’s a freelance consultant, taking on dangerous missions no one else can handle, while various spy agencies from around the world are trying to terminate him.

Jeff Parker stages his story cinematically. He opens in the midst of a mission, grabbing the reader’s attention immediately, and cross-cutting to establish background and supporting characters briefly and succinctly. Meach’s abilities are extrapolated from what animals can do, giving the story a realistic grounding.

This globe-trotting adventure incorporates expected elements — international government conspiracy, high-tech toys, exotic locales — with lots of narration to make sure the reader’s staying with the story. The various characters that are sent after Meach are interesting in their own right, even though most are given only a few pages. With this fast-paced excitement, Meach is a Bond for the new millennium.

More information is available at the book’s website.

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