Original Art Display in Ashland, VA

Via the astounding Chris Pitzer:

Tom Inge’s “Comic Art” collection on display at the Flippo Gallery (link no longer available)

Take a stroll through Randolph-Macon College professor Tom Inge’s diverse and detailed collection of 20th-century comic art, on display at Randolph-Macon’s Flippo Gallery in Pace-Armistead Hall, from April 23 through June 9. This special collection, which belongs to humanities professor Tom Inge, includes more than 50 works, many of which are original drawings. The exhibit also includes several signed, limited edition prints, as well as pieces by artists such as George Herriman (Krazy Kat), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), and Winsor McCoy (Little Nemo in Slumberland), among many others.

One Response to “Original Art Display in Ashland, VA”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, that’s for the info. I will definitely be heading out there in the next two weeks to see the art. Especially, the original Herriman.




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