Bush Impeachment

Fun fact of the day: according to this post,

An ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted April 6-9 showed that 33% of Americans currently support impeaching President Bush; coincidentally, only a similar amount supported impeaching Nixon at the start of the Watergate investigation.

More interestingly, we may soon see impeachment proceedings even though the Republicans control Congress. From the same site,

Representative Karen A. Yarbrough of Illinois’ 7th District… stumbled on a little known and never utlitized rule of the US House of Representatives… which allows federal impeachment proceedings to be initiated by joint resolution of a state legislature.

There is currently such a resolution pending in her state. Another one in California calls for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney.

Sure, this is partisan politics, but when the top officials are blithely committing felonies, something ought to be done. It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of this.

6 Responses to “Bush Impeachment”

  1. Rob Spencer Says:

    “It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of this.”

    Sure. They’ll rewrite the rules so that clause is removed.

  2. M High Says:

    It’s not just Illinois. Serious impeachment efforts are also going on in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania; but perhaps the the impeachment drive that has had the most support so far is in Vermont. And I’m sure there are budding, grassroots-level campaigns in several other states as well.

    Personally, I think the whole thing is largely overblown, because impeaching Bush wouldn’t really solve any of the problems we now face. In fact, I fear that it would do more to rally Bush’s base behind him, than anything else.

  3. TJR Says:

    Funny you should mention this….Neil Young is coming out with a new album entitled “Living With War”. One of the songs on the album is entitled “Let’s Impeach The President”. I know this because I was part of a 100 voice choir that sang back up vocals on the album. The album comes out very soon (According to Neil Young’s site you can start streaming it this Friday 04/28). I wrote an account of the session my website….Hope this didn’t get to far off topic. I was looking for comics and saw this post.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Rob, so cynical and yet so probable.

    Matt, interesting. I think you’re right, that it won’t change anything significant — but people may feel that if we’ll impeach a guy for a blow job, Bush certainly deserves it for committing felonies against the American people. “An eye for an eye” isn’t always the most mature response, but it’s part of human nature.

    TJR, not a problem, thanks for sharing that info!

    And at least this post and discussion is getting me some different Google ads. :)

  5. Rachel Says:

    Impeaching Bush wouldn’t put out any of our fires, but it would stop him from starting more.

    That said, I cannot wait to see Gore’s movie. Can’t wait. Just can’t.

  6. Richard Walters Says:

    There is nothing un-american about impeaching an american president!
    Our founding fathers regarded impeachment as a patriotic act by the american people to protect the American people from being subverted and taken over by a tyrant, like king George W. Bush!




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