Free Comic Book Day Plans

On Free Comic Book Day, May 6, I will be assisting at Richmond Comix in Richmond, VA (actually Midlothian, near where Midlothian Turnpike meets 288, but that’s only for local folks).

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Guests will include local editorial cartoonist Gary Brookings, who also does the panel feature Pluggers, and local publisher Chris Pitzer. I think hosting Brookings is a terrific choice for outreach — many people are familiar with what runs in the local paper without making the mental leap to seeking out comics, so hopefully, he’ll encourage them to stop by.

Most of AdHouse’s FCBD offering will be drawn by Joel Priddy, who’s running a “draw your version of my character” participation event at his blog.

If you’re anywhere near Richmond on May 6, stop by Richmond Comix and say hi!

8 Responses to “Free Comic Book Day Plans”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I wish I could go. It would be fun to meet the woman behind the blog. I am in Virginia, but… I won’t be anywhere near Richmond! Why must you mock me so, God? Why?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Sorry to hear that — but I fear I’m more interesting online most days than I am in person. :)

  3. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Rachel, don’t believe her. Johanna is as personable in the flesh as she is on the internet.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Thank you, Ed, you’re very kind. :)

  5. Rachel Says:

    I thought it would be neat!

    Alas, I’m afraid that I am the one who would be less interesting in real life. I have so very little to say about most comics. I’m completely awkward among comic people (as evidenced by the travesty that was my trip through the comic alley of Dragon Con 2005).

    Hmm, in that light it is probably best that I not see you face to face. I’d probably just want to talk about global warming >.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Don’t believe Ed either, Johanna is even more interesting in person than on the net!:)

    Every time I’ve been around her in person she just makes me tired with all of her energy, and I have er.. “much less life experience than her. ” :)

    So anyway, they still have FCBD huh? No comic movie this year right? I wonder if any store in my area will participate this year. I actually got off early for the first time last year, but 2 of the shops weren’t doing anything and the other one gave most of their books out on Wed.

  7. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] It’s a week until Free Comic Book Day, and so Dave at YACB announces Free Comic Book Month (because bloggers do it better!). […]

  8. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] As if Free Comic Book Daywasn’t enough for this upcoming weekend, I’m also going to be attending the Central Virginia Comicon on Sunday, May 7, where I will be helping to run the Richmond Comix tables. I know there will be lots of good stuff to shop between that and several other good retailers coming down to set up. Come on by and say hi! It’s at the Holiday Inn at Broad Street and Staples Mill Road (directions at the link above) from 10-4 with door prizes every hour and fan-film showings. […]




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