Pittsburgh Pet

Oscar the Weiner Dog
Oscar the Weiner Dog

KC went to the Pittsburgh Con to help out a retailer friend, and he said it was pretty much a bust. He was looking forward to catching up with some of our friends who were going to be guests, and several of them didn’t attend (don’t know why), which was disappointing. Sales were slow, too.

But to make up for him being gone, he brought me back a present… a stuffed version of the weiner dog from Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows. I’m no fan of the strip, but Oscar is just adorable! It’s a very faithful rendition of the character, who’s pretty cute to start with. Every time I see it, I mentally become four years old, saying “Doggie!” and grabbing it.

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  1. Dave "The Knave" White Says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised to hear that the Pittsburgh Con was a dud. They’ve essentially been running the exact same convention with the exact same guests for about ten years now, and the locals have finally wised up to it. They had their brush with greatness when they had the Harveys, and even then they had no idea what to do with them. There’s no compelling reason to pony up the $17 entrance fee when you could spend the same money at any of Pittsburgh’s fine local comic stores (of which it has no shortage).

  2. James Schee Says:

    That’s too bad that Pittsburgh was a dud, as I want more coventions that aren’t Wizard run.

    That dog toy is really cute, even though I’ve never read the strip it is from.

    You pegged the age and phrase right though, as that was exactly what my (then) 4 year old niece did and said when I got the Blammo toy dog years back.

    The creator of Electric Girl actually got such a laugh out of the story, that he sent me another one for me. Which I had to give up to her again, after another pre-schooler stole hers at pre-school.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Dave, I’ve never been, but that matches my thoughts on it. There was a period, before the Harveys, where lots of my friends were talking about how interesting the show could become, but then it seemed to choose washed-up sf actors and “glamor” models (i.e. ex-Playboy girls) over independent comic artists.

    James, I agree with the need for independently run cons, but for now, I’ll stick with Baltimore and Heroes.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    And leave us not forget the man dressed as the woman from FARSCAPE.

    I went to the show twice and had pretty much seen it all at that point. Many of the same guests that you can find at the New York City shows and now Philly are there, and both of those are far closer to me than the six hour hike to Pitt. Pitt does get Bendis and Perez and Turner (friend of the organizers), but there’s just not enough there there to get me back.

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