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April 29, 2006

The company that brought out Masters of the Universe on DVD has two more products coming up.

Flash Gordon -- The Complete Series
Flash Gordon
The Complete Series

In July, Flash Gordon — The Complete Series is due, with extras selected by Andy Mangels, including a mini-documentary; three episode commentaries; and “two collectible 4×6 exclusive Flash Gordon art cards by acclaimed comic artists Frank Cho and Gene Ha”.

The set will be four discs containing 24 episodes and priced at $40. (And here’s clarification that it really is complete.) I wasn’t aware that there’d been a cartoon, but apparently the Filmation series originally aired from 1979-1981.

Also in July comes The Legend of Prince Valiant Volume 1. This one’s got 33 episodes on five discs at a price of $30, with the series completing on a future second volume. It originally aired on the Family Channel from 1991-1993 and included the voice of Tim Curry (yum!).

2 Responses  
James Schee writes:  

Interesting! I really liking that Flash Gordon series when I was a kid, so I’ll be curious to see if it holds up.

I think I remember a little of the Prince Valiant show too, so they’ll both be interesting Netflix rentals.

Shawn Fumo writes:  

Ooh.. that’s very cool. I always thought that the Prince Valiant show was really well done, and loved the opening song. If my memory is right, it seems like one of the few cartoons of the time with a more mature plot-line (characters really dying, having realistic motivations, etc).


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