More on Manga Reference Censorship

Following up the story of a valuable manga reference book being censored,

* the National Coalition Against Censorship has sent a letter of protest and has some information about what you can do.

* the excellent MangaBlog collects a variety of reactions and more importantly, plays reporter, clearing up an inaccurate report that the disputed book had been shelved in the Young Adult area (and as a side effect, demonstrating the flaws in doing all your research on computer without talking to anyone involved).


  1. Ray Cornwall


    On the one hand, I’m glad someone took what I wrote and di some legwork. On the other hand, why did Riverside catalog it as YA? There’s no good reason the book should have been classified as such.

  2. Perhaps out of interest instead of content? The two don’t always match. I can think of all-ages-appropriate books that wouldn’t interest anyone under 21. On the flip side, many superhero books have content levels aimed at teens but with levels of sex and violence older than that. I’m still surprised no one’s yet made much hay out of that discrepancy.

  3. Almost no superhero comics – and certainly not those “mainstream” enough to be in a library – contain actual sex. Or even nudity. Animals defloweing virgins may be an extreme (even for manga), but I am sure we would have gotten nearly the same level of response from a whited-out blow job or even a single nipple.

    Violence, sexual situations, even itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis are all permissible. But not the actual female form. (And god forbid you have male nudity, or we would have to sue the library for corruption of a minor…)

  4. Sounds like you haven’t been reading The Outsiders, David, which has included not only on-panel sex but orgies.

    But what do superhero comics have to do with this story of manga-related censorship?

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