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It’s a week until Free Comic Book Day, and so Dave at YACB announces Free Comic Book Month (because bloggers do it better!).

The interesting thing, I think, about that recent book plagarism case is that it revealed more about book packaging. Apparently, comics aren’t the only medium where editors hire writers just to fill in the preexisting outline.

[E]ditors at Alloy — known as a “book packager” — craft proposals for publishers and create plotlines and characters before handing them over to a writer (or a string of writers)…. Alloy owns or shares the copyright with the authors and then divides the advances and any royalties with them. This Sunday, books created by Alloy will be ranked at Nos. 1, 5 and 9 on The New York Times’s children’s paperback best-seller list.

Shades of the way the DCU seems to work these days.

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