Vote for the Eagles

Eagle Award voting has opened online. They’re based in the UK, and they have two voting rounds. First, professionals’ opinions are combined to create the list of nominees, and then the public has their say.

Sadly, most of their picks are big-American-company-based (which in my opinion, means several of the categories resolve to picking “Least Mediocre”) with a few categories giving a nod outside that axis. For example, for Favorite Comic, they divide the field both by British/American (the French and Japanese get their own categories further down, Favorite European Comic and Favorite Manga) and by color/black-and-white.

But then, that’s a problem most awards have these days — they don’t deal well with how the comic medium has exploded in non-traditional ways. Awards, especially long-running ones (the Eagles claim to be the oldest), wind up recognizing what comics used to be with small gestures towards the fields where the exciting work is being done by granting them one category.

Anyway, if you like filling out online surveys, voting is open until May 7.

2 Responses to “Vote for the Eagles”

  1. Blair Corbett Says:

    They claim to be acknowledged as the pre-eminent international prizes, and Geoff Johns makes it onto the top three writer’s list? That seems a bit odd.

    Incidentally, I visit this place once in a while and quite like it, though I guess it’s the first time I’ve commented. Thanks for your contribution to comics news and criticism.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for participating, and welcome!




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