Continuing Coverage of Ongoing Stories

Regarding female guests at San Diego, Lea Hernandez has posted two followups: one from Gail Simone, in which she says she was invited to be a guest, and one from Jackie Estrada, chair of the guest committee, with more information on the selection process and information on how to make suggestions.

Yes, we have recently invited female guests for CCI who have turned us down or had scheduling conflicts. And we do have some female guests (both our own and sponsored) for 2006 that haven’t been officially announced yet. But no, we don’t sit down in our guest meetings and say, “Gee, what women should we invite this year?” (or “What gays should we invite this year?” or “What black creators should we invite this year?”) As I said, we try to come up with guests who are appropriate to the year’s themes, who haven’t been invited to a CCI before or recently, and who may have new work coming out that will be of interest to attendees. We try to have as diverse a guest list as possible…

Lea responds by bringing up the recent Toronto Con and its focus on Women in Comics. I’m very jealous I wasn’t there, because Heidi MacDonald (link no longer available) makes it sound terrific.

Heidi also contributes her thoughts on the Brownstein/Soma story, focusing on the problems with the way the coverage progressed and trying to put it into perspective in the greater industry. If her statement that Soma didn’t know Bourgeois was going to run the story in the first place is true, then that’s the most irresponsible online action yet.

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  1. ~chris Says:

    Thank goodness for Heidi MacDonald. With the new information she provides, and her considered opinions, combined with a couple of days of personal unease, have convinced me that, as moderate and open-minded as I’ve tried to be, that I was wrong about certain assumptions. (Of course, being open-minded means knowing that it’s possible that I’m wrong.)

    The only statement from Heidi I disagree with is “So, to every internet idiot who is begging for this case to be resolved, I have some shocking news for you: it already has.” There is still the possibility of civil court action. The whole truth of this matter has yet to be told, and it probably never will.

    “It’s hard to see a way that any good can come from any of this, but maybe heightened awareness and sensitivity can help someone somewhere.”




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