FCBD 2006: The Comics (Silver Sponsors Part 2)

On Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 6, I will be assisting at Richmond Comix in Richmond, VA (actually Midlothian, near where Midlothian Turnpike meets 288, for local folks).

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In preparation for the day, I’ve been reading the giveaways. I’ve already covered the Gold Sponsors and the first half of the Silver Sponsors, and I’ve saved the best for last. These are the books to come out for.

Amelia Rules!

Amelia Rules! is an old favorite of mine. In this stand-alone issue, Amelia’s trying to make something special out of the last day of vacation only to find out that her mother is starting to date.

The drama’s exaggerated, to capture the heartfelt emotions of a young girl, which makes it both realistic and more amusing. Jimmy Gownley’s art is as creative and imaginative as ever, especially with a mirror sequence used to illustrate the contrast between surface behavior and inner feelings. It’s an approach that demonstrates the unique strengths of the comic medium.

Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule #1

Buzzboy is a cute cartoony superhero book aimed at all ages. When Buzzboy’s mentor disappears, people try to get him to give up being a hero, but other kids his own age encourage and support him.

I love the focus on cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Adventuring might be fun, and the villains are zany, but a good diner meal is something everyone can aspire to. The art’s very approachable and colorful, welcoming readers to dive right in. There’s also a “create your own hero” contest for kid readers and an art tips section.

The Preposterous Voyages of IronHide Tom

I’m glad Fantagraphics’ Funny Book is out there for diversity, but I do wish the “Mature Readers” label was a bit more obvious. Points for including an “about the authors” page with more information on the contributors’ work, but deductions for the number of times I read “coming in 2007″ (can’t turn the giveaway into sales if the books don’t exist yet) and for the prominent plug for their catalog. I would have also liked to have seen the authors’ names on their pages, since matching short pieces with creators was tricky for me, and I already knew many of their styles.

AdHouse’s offering, Joel Priddy’s The Preposterous Voyages of IronHide Tom, is dementedly entertaining. I adore his tiny stick figures for how much he does with them. Tom goes from a mystical origin to a circus and a pirate ship, plus there’s monkeys, mermaids, and scrimshaw. It’s like the best bedtime story ever, and I am in awe of Priddy’s genius.

Owly: Breakin' the Ice

I love Owly. He’s cute and friendly and thoughtful and charming. His adventures make for terrific fables to share with kids or simply to please your inner child.

Drawn & Quarterly’s Mr. Jean previews their upcoming Dupuy & Berberian books. Since I’ve already pre-ordered them, this is more of a spoiler for me than anything else. It’s nice to have something for adults that isn’t self-conciously edgy, though — at times, the Mr. Jean stories remind me of good relationship sitcoms, and that’s a hook many new readers can understand.

Free Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim may be an acquired taste for some, but its video-game mood of goodwill reminds me, in an odd way, of the Saint and his capacity to find adventure anywhere. In this case, Scott, his roommate, and his girlfriend are on their way to the movies when a bunch of teen-girl movie star clones jump out of a poster and attack. The situation’s complicated by Scott’s refusal to hit girls, which alternates between chivalry and stupidity. Fun read.

The second half of the book is some moody horror piece by Andy Helms. Not interested.

Whew! I’d better get some rest before sharing these gems with other people all day!

3 Responses to “FCBD 2006: The Comics (Silver Sponsors Part 2)”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Aww now these sound fun. Especially Amelia Rules! (gosh I haven’t read any of her stories in a long time), Owly and Scott Pilgrim. (that I got into without noticing any video game stuff oddly)

    Priddy’s book sounds pretty fun too,

  2. Tony Isabella Says:

    I reviewed IronHide Tom at CBGXTRA.COM, along with Scott Morse’s NOBLE BOY. We’re in absolute agreement on Joel Priddy and I think you’ll like the Morse book as well.

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