Big Head Contest

Big Head Press is running a contest.

Andie Tong is offering one of his original art pages for THE ARCHITECT as a prize in a contest … Tong is previewing the inks for page 60 of the story at his blog. The story is a 70-page graphic novel being serialized on the BHP website. As of the contest announcement date, completed pages 1-14 have been released and are now viewable.

To promote readership of the free web-comic THE ARCHITECT, Big Head Press and Andie Tong are offering the original art for this page to the reader who most closely guesses how the story progresses from the pages released so far, to page 60, which is scheduled to be uploaded on August 7, 2006.

Entries will be accepted until 12:01AM CDT June 13, 2006 by which time completed pages up through 25 will have been released. Big Head Press will determine a winner and announce the winning entry on August 7, when page 60 is released on the website.

All entries must include a working return email address. Contest is open to all readers of THE ARCHITECT. Current contractors for Big Head Press are not eligible. The winner will be asked to provide a real name and address so that the prize can be delivered. All entries become property of Big Head Press, and the determination of the winner by Big Head Press is final.

So, you think comics are too obvious? You usually predict where stories go? Then you should have no problem. Heck, in this case, you even have both the beginning and the end point.

One Response to “Big Head Contest”

  1. Scott Bieser Says:

    This contest turned out to be the biggest disappointment ever. We had scores of people just send us their names and mailing addresses, with no guess attached. Only two people actually tried to guess and neither came close. Don’t people actually READ the frelling instructions? Geez, Louise.




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