*The Last Lonely Saturday — Recommended

This story, about a little old man visiting his wife’s grave, flows quickly, but it’s deeply affecting. I can read these pages over and over (and I have), marvelling at how well quiet, everyday life is captured.

The Last Lonely Saturday cover
The Last Lonely Saturday
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The backgrounds of the two square panels per page are gold, with figures or other objects of focus done in white, and the lines are reddish-brown. Like Crane’s other work (Non, The Clouds Above), this book shows his unique color choices and highly developed design sense.

This mostly wordless book is a meditation upon life, loss, and love. It’s difficult to separate the story from the art from the book itself; the three are integrated beautifully. This is a near-perfect creation of what some call “pure comics”; as soon as you’ve seen a panel, you’ve read it. There’s no puzzling out what you’re looking at, no confusion of flow. There’s an amazing amount of emotion in a character with a rounded rectangle head and two dots for eyes.

I’m left wondering as to the motivations of certain characters, not because the work is badly done, but because human actions are too complex to easily pigeonhole. All we finally know in the end is what we see; the interpretation is up to us, and mine changes depending on what I’m bringing to the story each time.

Jordan Crane has a website. You can read this story online.

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