Coming Up: Books Due in July 2006

Debbie Huey’s got a sequel to her charming Bumperboy Loses His Marbles. AdHouse is offering Bumperboy & the Loud, Loud Mountain ($8.95, MAY06 2772), which looks to be just as cute.

Project X Nissin Cup Noodle cover
Project X Nissin
Cup Noodle
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Alan Moore Spells It Out (Airwave Comics, $9.95, MAY06 2784) is a slim volume containing over 60 pages of interview with the great man himself. I’ve learned more than I’ve needed to about him through shorter pieces over the years, so I’d recommend this for fans only. The PR calls it “sparsely illustrated”, which is true; it’s also rather boringly formatted, with pages that give the impression of walls of text. I would have put the introductory pages about author Bill Baker’s theory of interviewing and his thank yous at the end of the book instead of the beginning, since he’s not the reason most people will pick this up.

I love manga. The Japanese make comics about such unusual subjects. Like Project X Nissin Cup Noodle (Digital Manga, $12.95, MAY06 3092), which is apparently the dramatic story of the invention of instant ramen. Cool, a different take on food manga!

The Last Lonely Saturday cover
The Last
Lonely Saturday
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There’s a new PS238 volume, No Child Left Behind! (Dork Storm Press, $15.99, MAY06 3098). The collection includes five series issues, #11-15, plus additional material.

Fantagraphics is bringing Jordan Crane’s Last Lonely Saturday back into print as a hardcover ($8, MAY06 3131). I note that it’s the same price as the original paperback, which makes it more of a deal now.

A new Finder collection is always cause for celebration. Five Crazy Women (LightSpeed Press, $15.95, MAY06 3260) collects the Eisner-nominated “Beware of Dog” (issue #30) and other tales of Jaeger’s sex life. I’m confident it will be an amazing read with fascinating insight and characterization.

Golden Boy cover
Golden Boy
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Thom Zahler has an appealing, cartoon-influenced style that’s just right for the superhero romantic comedy Love and Capes (Maerkle Press, $3.95, MAY06 3266). It’s a fabulous, funny story; read my review for more.

Max Riffner’s Golden Boy (Markosia, $16.95, MAY06 3282) is an impressively illustrated story about a retired boxer and the neighborhood he calls home.

The Thing: Idol of Millions cover
The Thing:
Idol of Millions
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Now THIS is how you launch a new series. With Wasteland (MAY06 3335), Oni’s pulled out all the stops:

  • A double-sized (48-page) opener at regular price, $2.99;
  • A high concept — Earth after a catastrophic flood — that provides a visually gripping setting and lots of room for characterization
  • As well as an immediate marketing comparison to other popular indy comics: if you like The Walking Dead and Y the Last Man, try this;
  • A thorough promotional website with news and character information as well as press and retailer support;
  • Skilled and readable artwork by Christopher Mitten (an artist who has an admirable track record, since I’ve liked everything I’ve read that he’s illustrated, including The Tomb and Last Exit Before Toll);
  • And most importantly, almost half the first issue available to read for free in a variety of formats.

I can’t resist, mainly because I trust the work of writer Jake Forbes — I’m ordering Return to Labyrinth (Tokyopop, $9.99, MAY06 3387).

I fear that The Thing series may have ended. There’s no issue available this month, and Marvel’s soliciting a collection of issues #1-8, all that have been offered so far. Since their books are usually six issues long, I’m guessing that they may have expanded the size to get everything in. Still, at least we get one book, Idol of Millions ($15.99, MAY06 2031).

4 Responses to “Coming Up: Books Due in July 2006”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Love and Capes sounded fun so I ordered it, and I’ll have to remind myself to put Labyrinth in my Netflix Queue for watching before I read the Return book. ($4.99 at DCBS)

    I’m getting the DARK HORSE TWENTY YEARS book too, because it is really cheap.:) (12 cents at DCBS)

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, I ordered Project X. I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] As I feared last week, The Thing has been cancelled. Issue #8 is the last. […]

  4. Alan Moore’s Exit Interview » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Bill Baker, author of the previous Alan Moore interview book Alan Moore Spells It Out, has a new one. Alan Moore’s Exit Interview contains a three-hour talk conducted in May 2006 […]




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