Bummer News of the Day

As I feared last week, The Thing has been cancelled. Issue #8 is the last.

There may be financial pressure preventing DC from reprinting material from 1976-1997. So much for that Warlord Showcase, then.

And the saddest news I read today: Tom and Lily broke up, split apart by the cultural differences he’s been chronicling in True Story, Swear to God. He says he’s still got eight years of their relationship’s history to tell, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to read it the same way, knowing the ending.

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  1. Dave Mahlin Says:

    re: Tom and Lily…. Oy… A real punch in the gut, that one is. I feel as if I know this couple (and, I should add, so does my fiance, as TSSTG is the one and only comic she’s ever read even though her brother and I are both hardcore superhero fanboys. Or maybe that’s the reason….). Tom puts a really brave face on it, but as a divorced man myself, my heart goes out. You’re right, Johanna- it’s going to be hard to read the stories knowing in advance of the unhappy ending.

  2. James Schee Says:

    That is really too bad about Tom & Lily and yeah it can’t help but make readers look at things in a different light. Not only the future stuff but some of the stuff already printed as well.

    That is some odd news about the Showcase stuff as well. So I guess that means no Blue Devil, Atari Force and other great 1980s series Showcase volumes then. Bummer!

  3. Johanna Says:

    A terrible second thought: now I’m curious to see how he handles it when he gets there.

    I’ve wondered how/if the series is going to change when it restarts at Image. It’s a potential good time to jump forward in time or give the book a different slant, if he wants.

  4. T Campbell Says:

    …DAMN it.

  5. Dan Coyle Says:

    This is the reason I’ve been reluctant to try out TSSTG (and, for that matter, Omaha the Cat Dancer)- I’m made uncomfortable by storytelling like that, because I feel like I’m poking my nose where it doesn’t belong, even though that’s not actually the case.

  6. Lyle Says:

    Dan, imagine going to a comic con and meeting Lily. She may be helping sell the comic (she’s also really nice), but I always felt like we both knew I was reading her diary…

  7. Nat Gertler Says:

    Let me note that the reprint fees doesn’t mean “no reprints from the period”. It is likely, however, to mean “no thick’n’cheap reprints from the period”. There’s a big difference in what’s affordable when you’re trying to put out a 500 page, $15 book and a 120 page, $20 book.

  8. James Schee Says:

    See the odd thing is that I don’t feel like I ever got an idea into who Lily is from the stories.(I’ve only read the first 2 trades though) It just felt like I was seeing her as Tom saw her, which was still very good.

    The series for me was about watching how they overcame obstacles to be together. I wonder now if I can read it without thinking “oh, those are the things that will eventually keep them apart.”

  9. Johanna Says:

    Dan, the only time I’ve ever felt that uncomfortable with autobio comics was Ariel Schrag’s Potential. It was so raw and dealt with such touchy subjects, including drug use and underage sex, that I didn’t want to meet the author.

    James, I agree about not getting much of Lily’s viewpoint or personality. The comic is very much about Tom’s opinions and experiences.

    I loved it because it made me believe fairytales could come true, even if rarely. I guess now I’ll just have to stick with my own… last week was my seventh wedding anniversary, which made hearing this even more poignant.

  10. Dan Coyle Says:

    I remember feeling so bummed out by Evan Dorkin’s “Autobio-hazard” that it’s been difficult to read his work since. And I remember a searingly painful self-published comic called Kiss and Tell which dealt honestly with the writer’s miserable experiences in Catholic school. So nasty- not really because of the school, but because of her fellow students- that I stopped reading the book because I didn’t want to experience something that painful again. Coincidentally, the writer stopped doing comics not long after that issue, only publishing one more.

  11. Johanna Says:

    I fondly remember Kiss & Tell — 3 self-published issues, then one from Sirius. I don’t remember anything in it that soul-scarring, though. I guess different stories hit different people different ways.

  12. Tom Beland Says:

    Hey everyone.

    Just to add some thought… Lily and I remain extremely close and this wasn’t something that came out of anger. We actually talk three times a day. Sometimes there are tears, but mostly there is joy.

    You really do have to remember that, in 17 issues, TSSTG has only dealt with the first year of a ten-year relationship. I do hope you continue to enjoy the series… who knows, perhaps you don’t know then end like you think. I may not…. that’s part of life.

    She’s coming to visit Napa in September and I’ve already made plans to fly to San Juan in January.

    As for Lily’s point of view, I’ve just talked to her about writing a two/three-part arc about her trip to India. She’ll be writing about 90% of the storyline. I think you’ll love it.


  13. Johanna Says:

    I think it’s a testament to your work that people interact so strongly with it and feel so passionate about you both as characters. The important thing is, of course, that you’re happy in life, and art comes second. And thank you for being so open about everything and bringing us the comic.

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