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I don’t know anything about The Hunger. Apparently it was an eight-issue miniseries from Speakeasy, and with that company’s demise, the last three issues were never published. Now, there’s a collected edition coming out through Markosia, and the creators have made a generous offer: If you bought all five issues, and you buy the collection, they’ll refund the cost of the five issues out of their pocket. (Don’t bother the publisher, the press release says, they’re not involved.)

Refund offers are still good attention-getters — they get press, and few people bother to follow through on them. This one directly addresses the main complaint fans will have upon hearing that they’ll have to buy the majority of the story again, which demonstrates an awareness of and attempt to meet what the customer wants.

By the way, the press release doesn’t mention the price of the book — it’s $26.95 for 200 color pages. That’s $2 more than the 8 issues at $3 each would have been.

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  1. Vito Delsante Says:

    As I understand it, The Hunger had the misfortune of falling under the catergory of “Cancelled due to sales” prior to Speakeasy actually closing its doors. If you remember, Speakeasy set a bar for minimum sales and offered to print the rest of the book(s) online for free. Hunger, Bio Boy…and I’m forgetting the third title, fell because of this.




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