Bomb Queen Bad

I’m a big fan of Jimmie Robinson‘s work, recommending Avigon: Gods & Demons and enjoying Cyberzone and Amanda & Gunn back when. I wish his Code Blue had been able to put out more than one issue, but it was ahead of its time. A comic equivalent of ER or Grey’s Anatomy, it would have made an amazing digest-sized graphic novel.

However, I have to agree with Greg at Comics Should Be Good when he says, about Bomb Queen:

it’s certainly not as great as its creator thinks it is. I haven’t quite gotten over the text piece in the back of the first issue, in which Robinson tells us how wonderful he is and how subversive Bomb Queen is. Well, he may be, but it’s not.

It’s a perfectly fine four-issue mini-series. There’s loads of gratuitous violence and nudity, and nothing changes, as Ms. Queen is still in charge of New Port City at the end just as she was in the beginning. She does awful things – she is the villain, after all – and exposes the mayoral candidate Robert Woods as – shocking! – a hypocrite, but it all feels hollow.

… Robinson’s book, as puerile and violent as it is, tells us nothing new. It’s sad, sure, that this kind of book doesn’t shock us and is nothing worse than you can see on network television (maybe not quite as graphically depicted, but close enough) any night of the week. Robinson isn’t being as “cutting-edge” as he’d like to think, and he’s certainly not doing anything particularly witty. Society sucks? Really? If Robinson really wants to do satire, he should pick something a little less obvious.

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