Drawn & Quarterly Sale

The front page of the Drawn & Quarterly website shows “Spring Sale – all titles 25-75% off!”, but it’s very hard to find out if that’s true. The catalog page displays a master list of all their titles, with US and Canadian prices shown, but no indication of what list price on the items usually is. I randomly sampled some books only to find that Walt & Skeezik is 35% off, the Berlin collection and Perfect Example are 30% off, the coffee-table anthologies are 50% off (great deal!), but Adrian Tomine’s 32 Stories is only 10% off.

I have no idea what qualifies for the 75% discount. When I’m sale shopping, I might decide to pick something up just because of the terrific savings, but D&Q’s system makes that impossible. If they want to increase sales by discounting, I recommend more visibility into how good the deals are.

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