The Next Scummy Comic Publisher

Into the void created by the departure of Speakeasy and the pending collapse of Markosia comes AK Comics. Dance of the Puppets has the story… one of their reps has been spamming comic blogs with plugs for a contest that sounds like an incredibly bad deal for the winner.

I’m certainly prepared to give up all copyrights to my characters, waive all royalty fees, abandon any control over their usage, and throw away any future interest in them for the sake of a year’s worth of what is known in the business as contributor’s copies and which are handed out to anyone who has had any input on the comic.

Shades of throwback time! Great strategy… for the publisher.

I got one of those comments in the middle of my recent discussion on sexism. (I deleted it and sent the poster a note saying “don’t do it again.” If I get a good response, I’ll let you know.) Judging from where else I’ve seen the posts, the poster is targeting blogs or posts about women and superhero comics. That it’s tangentially related to the topic doesn’t make it not spam, though. It’s a shame that a potentially promising publisher would be so badly represented by their public face that it would keep people from looking at their works. But they’re not the only one. (*ahem* Alias)

4 Responses to “The Next Scummy Comic Publisher”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Are you sure it’s the publisher posting these comments or even condoning them? It could be someone posing as the company to discredit them. I’m not standing up for the company (especially since their contest is incredibly yucky), but I wouldn’t want to blame them for the antics of an overzealous fan or competitor who likes to play dirty.

  2. Johanna Says:

    The person doing the posting is the person who runs the AK Comics blog. If he isn’t associated with them formally, then the blog really needs a disclaimer to that effect, and the company needs to say so, because the impression given is that he is.

    You’re right, though, it wouldn’t be the first time a fan went overboard, and I shouldn’t jump to the most negative conclusion.

  3. Marionette Says:

    Since Andrew Stephenson AKA economics 101 generally uses the term “we” when talking about AK comics in his blog, and the blog itself seems to be largely a fount of PR fluff, he is either genuinely connected with them or he is stalker-level obsessive.

    Having said that, Stephenson and his works (such as the “competition”) receive no mention at all on the official website.

  4. Rachel Says:

    I meant that the person posting the comments could easily be donning an alias not their own. Considering that AK isn’t lodging any complaints about it, it seems to be from one of their own or at least silently endorsed. Anyone can use anyone’s name online :) For instance, it would be easy for someone to go about calling themseves “Rachel the Great” in my stead, leaving a wake of nasty comments and bad publicity. Knock on wood.

    But, I repeat that I’m not sticking up for the company. I’m just incredibly wary of identity fraud online.




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