No SPX Anthology This Year

Discussion at the Comics Journal message board (link now dead and removed) reveals that there won’t be an SPX anthology this year. Karon Flage, one of the convention’s directors, posts

The CBLDF decided not to publish an anthology this year. SPX may decide to publish one in future years but that was impossible to take on while finding a new hotel this year.

Since last year was the first since the book began that I didn’t buy a copy, I think maybe a rest for the series is in order. Much of the discussion at the board is along the same lines.

One Response to “No SPX Anthology This Year”

  1. James Schee Says:

    I think a break is a good idea too. I bought last year’s (I think) but put it down unfinished after reading the story about a guy who enjoys urinating on unflushed poop. Because I couldn’t believe it made it past whatever editorial guidelines there were.

    It no longer serves the purpose I used to use it for, which was sampling talented new creators work. Since most of the talented creators are too busy doing their own work be it in their own book or online. Which leaves a lot of garbage left over for the book, which just isn’t worth digging through for perhaps that one gem you may find.




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