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The CBLDF files motions for dismissal in the Gordon Lee case in Georgia, alleging that the law used against him is unconstitutional and that the accusations should be dismissed because of “prosecutorial misconduct”, based on allowing a false charge to stand for 18 months until just before the scheduled trial.

Chris Sims explores the horror of Killdozer! (although the part I found scariest was the story of the REAL-LIFE killer bulldozer).

There are worse nerds than those few obsessive comic fans: Star Wars fans who are issuing threats to a licensed spinoff writer for following the guidelines Lucasfilm gave her. I don’t even know or care enough about the premise to be sure I’ve gotten the premise right, but Bryan Lambert summarizes and deflates the situation.

… at what point is a nerd unsalvageable? At what point are they so insane, so caught up, so trapped in a web of their own minutiae that they aren’t just stalking their hobby, they’ve kidnapped their hobby, tied it up in their basement, and force it to watch while they masturbate to the Star Wars Holiday Special? At what point are nerds simply incapable of being better nerds? At what point are exile, euthanasia, or chemical castration the only alternatives to a lifetime of sad nerditry? Here’s a hint – when they decide they need to dispute the number of clones in the Clone Army.

3 Responses to “Scary Scary LinkBlogging”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Not the first time some Star Wars fans craziness has been made public. I remember reading about death threats made towards a writer who killed off Chewbacca in his novel, under the guidance and approval of Lucas.

  2. Jer Says:

    Dear god – it’s enough to make me want to hire Mark Hamill to go to that guy’s house, smack him upside the head, and say “Get a Life!” geez…

    I do like the phrase “Talifan” though – its a bit over the top – not to the level of calling somone a “continuity Nazi”, but approaching it.

  3. Chris Says:

    I think the best part of the Real-Life Killdozer story is that the guy behind it went out of his way to avoid actually hurting anyone, instead focusing his powerful swath of destruction on corporate fatcats and a corrupt city government.

    Well, either that or the fact that it withstood explosions.




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