Harvey Nominees Announced

Nominees for the Harvey Awards have been announced. Reaction has centered around how many Marvel titles/projects are on the list. Some examples:

The Comics Reporter: “with 38 nods (39 if you count the syndicated Spider-Man strip) Marvel has won more nominations than anyone else, and, one guesses, potentially more nominations than they have in the Awards’ previous ten years combined.”

The Beat (link no longer available): “interesting.”

Peter David gets his first Harvey nom for X-Factor.

In other areas, the Elk’s Run guys (link no longer available) are very happy with seven nominations for their “currently on hiatus due to publisher problems” moody horror title.

(Seen other reactions? Let me know!)

If you’re a comics professional, download a ballot and vote!

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on September 9 at the Baltimore Comic-Con. (It’s an excellent, comic-centered, family-friendly show that should definitely be on your list of planned conventions this year. Programming, which I assist with, is especially good. :) ) Kyle Baker will be the master of ceremonies.

2 Responses to “Harvey Nominees Announced”

  1. Greg McElhatton Says:

    Any idea on who to contact for errors on the ballot? I tried the administrator’s e-mail address (the one at comcast.net) and got a bounce-back; there’s one book in the collected works category that was published in 2004…

  2. Johanna Says:

    I believe Paul’s been having intermittent problems with that email. Which title do you mean? I’ll pass it along.

    Update: Greg and I chatted, and it was a misunderstanding.




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