Girls Have It Tough

A woman who works at a comic store reports on the everyday bias she experiences. I expect some (hopefully not many) guys to completely miss the point here or blame her for not standing up more strongly for her opinions. While some of us can do that (rowr!), not everyone should have to fight to simply be treated equally with respect or even just not to be ignored.

I used to find it amusing to shock stupid sellers who assumed I was looking either for Sandman or Strangers in Paradise with my knowledge of obscure DC superhero trivia, but now it’s just tiring.

Lea Hernandez rips the idea of superhero comics being for all ages to shreds with examples of Birds of Prey crotch shot covers.

Heidi MacDonald (link no longer available) takes on the idea that women aren’t good enough to be included in shows about comic masters. I think ignoring their contributions to the medium reflects what the selector finds important (heroes, of course!) and is interested in.

Here’s another view of the She Draws Comics show from one of the participants. I really hope to be able to get up to New York to view it.

3 Responses to “Girls Have It Tough”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Some people are really weird.

    These days when I do shop at a comic shop, it is one run by mother and daughter. It is actually part of 2 stores that is family owned, with the son working the one in the town about 50 miles north. They’ve been able to answer most questions I have, but then when I go in generally it is with a certain book in mind anyway.

    I’ve seen them with other customers though, and they seem knowledgeable about most current hot books and most of the old classics.

    Of course I’m weird I know, as I remember relying heavily on a certain female fan’s answers on Baxter LSH, Blue Devil and Giffen Justice League runs when I read them a decade or more later.

  2. Rhandir Says:

    The server at the first link is down right now. Do you suppose you slashdotteed her?


  3. Johanna Says:

    I hope not! I was just able to get there, so maybe it was a temporary glitch.




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