Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre #1

The Spectre #1 cover

I know readers follow characters and continuity more than creators, especially when you’re talking about a book titled Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre, but artist Cliff Chiang’s name on the cover made me pick it up after having previously passed it by. (Writer Will Pfeifer’s done some fun stuff, too.) I’m glad I did.

Thankfully, this issue is an origin story where it doesn’t matter if you’ve read Gotham Central or Infinite Crisis before, because Pfeifer sets it all up well. A former Gotham detective has been dead for a year. This isn’t a spoiler, because that’s not the point. The point is how someone decides what the right thing is and how they find the strength to do it (or are driven to for some other reason).

Chiang’s art is terrific, as always, smoothly simple and classicly influenced. With fewer defining lines on his chest and legs, the Spectre truly appears as an intimidating cosmic force, instead of yet another musclebound superhero.

This is only the first issue of a three-issue miniseries, but so far, I see potential for a mature superhero book — not the immature maturity of violence and sexual deviation that too often passes for “superhero comics for adults”, but a thoughtful examination of the purpose of existence within a superhero universe.

2 Responses to “Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre #1”

  1. Rob Barrett Says:

    I like this book quite a lot myself–making Crispus Allen the new host for the Spectre was one of the truly inspired bits of Infinite Crisis.

    Have you read Ostrander and Mandrake’s Spectre series from the 1990s, Johanna? I’m getting that vibe here.


  2. Johanna Says:

    I haven’t, although I probably should.




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