My New Favorite TV Moment
June 5, 2006

Actually, it’s an old favorite, but I’m rewatching the show.

From Sports Night, episode 6, “The Head Coach, Dinner, and the Morning Mail”.

Natalie and Jeremy

Natalie (played by the sparkly Sabrina Lloyd) has been receiving death threats from fans for making public that she was assaulted by a favored football player. Jeremy (lovable nerd Joshua Malina) hasn’t been sleeping out of concern for her. At the end of the episode, he’s tried to create a late-dinner picnic in the office, but he’s so exhausted, he’s fallen asleep while waiting for her. Natalie wakes him up briefly, they chat, and then we close on him back asleep, head in her lap.

It’s so touching and unusually meaningful. I loved those two as a couple.

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Ali T. Kokmen writes:  

Ah, yes, that’s a beautiful moment in a beautiful episode. Another moment in that episode I loved is when Dan helps Jeremy try to think of the perfect restaraunt and winds up rhapsodizing about New York: “You’re not in Vegas, and you’re not in L.A. – you are in the most magnificent city in the world – it’s the city of Gershwin and Cole Porter, Damon Runyon and Fiorello LaGuardia. Surprise her, but make her feel comfortable. Make it different, but make her feel at home. But mostly, make it someplace that you like.”

I like thinking that all of us who are, for whatever reason, New Yorkers have a part of our hearts that feel so romantic toward our town…

Nat Gertler writes:  

Gee, my favorite scene in the series is probably also a Natalie/Jeremy scene, but it’s the poker scene. But then, I’m not a New Yorker. (Although it’s a close call between that scene and a good storytelling moment, where Casey tells Gordon “You’re wearing my shirt”.)

Johanna writes:  

More great memories, thank you!

I’m so glad that this series hasn’t been forgotten.

Dan Coyle writes:  

My favorite memory will always be the pilot, when Dan stands up to Casey and calls him on his angry, self-pitying bullshit. It’s hard for Dan to really open up but when he does he’s focused like a laser beam. His anger is so sharp it’s coming from someone who cares deeply about his friend and where he’s taking himself. I get choked up just thinking about it.

Ali T. Kokmen writes:  

One more favorite scene, because it was just so perfect and necessary, was the wonderful scene between Dan and Isaac in “The Aplogy” which ends with Isaac gently saying: “You know I love you, right? Because I love you I can tell you this: no young rich white guy has ever gotten anywhere with me by comparing himself to Rosa Parks.”


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