Death Jr. to Be Manga

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced that they’ll be creating an all-new manga “based on the hit Death, Jr. entertainment franchise.” (Love it when stories and characters are referred to as “franchises”.)


Previously, Death, Jr. was an Image comic with art by Ted Naifeh featuring the title boy character. However, Seven Seas is taking a more female-focused approach:

Seven Seas’ Death, Jr.: Pandora manga will feature the franchise’s first break from convention as the spotlight is shone on a force as powerful as the son of Death himself-his girlfriend! The story will follow Pandora as she discovers a secret portal that sends her to the future and into the body of her teenage self. Besides having to grapple with teenage angst, she must save the future DJ from his greatest enemy yet-a snake-haired foreign exchange student with a deadly gaze and even deadlier intentions!

“A big driving force behind manga is the female audience, so it’s the perfect opportunity to put a shoujo manga spin on Death, Jr, ” says Seven Seas’ president Jason DeAngelis. “The Death, Jr. universe is one of those unique sandboxes that’s a blast to get in and play, and we’ll be taking these characters along a wild ride the likes of which they’ve never seen.”

The manga is due in 2007, while a second series of the comic is due to start next month. I find it fascinating that one set of characters can have both a comic and a manga licensed at almost the same time.


  1. Johanna, Since I am fan of the Death Jr comic, this is great news for me. I have already preordered the second series and will preorder the manga. Thanks for the info.

  2. Death, Jr. was a video game first, so yes it is a “franchise.” I was unaware of that fact (the most recent game console I own is Sega Genesis) until I read the first issue, which I picked up due to my love of Ted Naifeh’s art.

    Isn’t Marvel currently putting out American style and manga style versions of some characters?

    I like Seven Seas (I wish they’d continue Unearthly), but I’m not fond of the implication that all you have to do is have a manga style, and “the female audience” will lap it up.

  3. I find it fascinating that one set of characters can have both a comic and a manga licensed at almost the same time.

    Witchblade has a comic, manga and anime at the same time.

    Never heard of Death Jr. sounds sort of interesting though.

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