Top Cow to Sell Downloads

Is Top Cow the first major American comic company to sell internet downloads of their comics? ICv2 analyzes the situation:

Downloading of comic books is on the increase especially among tech-savvy younger readers, and Top Cow’s plan acknowledges the fact of downloading, which the other publishers are largely ignoring, and attempts to profit from it.

I know some of the manga publishers, like Netcomics, have been doing this already, and I seem to recall that some small publishers have been selling PDF versions of their titles. This, though, takes it to another level, by using books that are familiar to most direct market retailers and customers.

7 Responses to “Top Cow to Sell Downloads”

  1. Chris Arrant Says:

    Didn’t Crossgen become a pioneer for doing comics on the web first, with a subscription plan?

  2. Nat Gertler Says:

    While Crossgen did have an online subscription plan, they were not the first to be selling comics on the web. Abba Dabba was selling downloadable stories years before Crossgen existed.

  3. Johanna Says:

    What’s Abba Dabba?

    How quickly I forgot CrossGen… Were their comics positioned as downloads, with electronic copies delivered to the customer’s computer? I don’t remember.

  4. Lyle Says:

    My impression of CrossGen’s offering was that they were webcomic versions of their regular publications, meant to be viewed online with a few made-for-the-web touches like bits of flash.

    I think there was a “free” edition that was meant to entice you to subscribe, because I remember glancing at them and deciding there was too much going on for my tastes (I’m just bloody impatitent with flash on webpages).

  5. James Schee Says:

    Yeah CG was basically just web comics, from what I saw anyway.

    I wonder when TC is planing to offer these? I looked on their site and didn’t see anything about it. Though they do have a number of free issues you can read online.

    I did find it interesting to see that they have their own webstore and eBay auction lists. I wonder what DC thought of them selling sketches of their characters on eBay? (I saw one of Batman)




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