Treatment of Women: Contrasting Views

Chris Butcher (link no longer available) points out how successful women cartoonists are when it comes to graphic novels:

It wasn’t so long ago that we wouldn’t get 7 high-profile graphic novel releases in a year from women graphic novelists, but we’re getting that many (and probably more) in less than a month, and we’re smack in the middle of it!

He continues with brief reviews of each, a wide range of quality-sounding work. Meanwhile, Project Girl Wonder provides yet another example of sexism in superhero comics. They’ve organized in order to be sure that the second dead Robin, Stephanie (Spoiler) Brown, gets the kind of Batcave memorial that the first, Jason Todd, did. I hadn’t realized that DC had the colossal poor taste to publish a story where she’s tortured to death with a power drill and then make an action figure commemorating the event.

Wow, when it comes to deciding where to spend my comic-reading dollars, I know what I’ll do. I’m for looking forward, not wallowing in the dark.

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