The Rewards of Hard Work

I’ve been running a website at this domain since the end of 1999. That’s around the time I figured I could maybe make enough money writing about comics to at least pay for the domain name and hosting. In all the time I’ve been trying to do this professionally, guess how long it took me to have an office?

It’s only half done so far. The biggest snag was having to buy yet another bookcase. (New house count: 12.) It’s hard trying to find a basic, reasonably priced one that isn’t made out of cardboard. Most of the stores around here are more interested in stocking the ones designed for driftwood and a bowl of rocks, not real books, and lots of them. Thank you, Office Max!

Anyway, we had this guest room that wasn’t being used, because few people ever come to visit. (Richmond just isn’t much of a mecca for our friends, who knew?) Now it’s all mine. So far I’ve got a futon couch (in case someone does want to visit overnight), a coffee table (with the couch, my office is geared for comfortable reading), the bookcase (empty — I need to transfer and sort all the indy graphic novels and review copies), a spinner rack (hee hee hee), and an odd little combination writing desk and glass-front case that KC had as a kid.

Still to come: a real desk (already owned) and drapes. But one thing at a time!

3 Responses to “The Rewards of Hard Work”

  1. John Says:


    It really does make a difference, having your own dedicated work space. It’s important to get away from the distractions of the rest of the house :0)

    *sigh* I had my own studio once, then I gave the room to my first daughter. We moved, and I had a studio again, which all too soon went to my second daughter.

    I gladly sacrificed, but oh do I miss it. My productivity just hasn’t been the same.

    Just be careful not to be tempted by the futon :0)

    All the best, JOHN :0)

  2. James Schee Says:

    Cool! Is that where the comics used to be kept or where KC’s CD’s used to be?

    I know what you mean about bookcases though, I’ve been looking to find a new one myself lately.

    That is the most comfortable futon I’ve ever seen.

  3. Randy Lander Says:

    Congrats on the new office! I just moved into a bigger one in our new house (it was one of the reasons we bought one), and I’m loving the open space.

    Of course, since I’m not regularly writing reviews anymore, it’s more of a lounge space/gaming room (for D&D and Texas Hold’Em), but, y’know, tomato, tomat-oh. ;)

    Btw, your 12 bookcase count makes me feel a little better… we’re only up to 11 in the new house. One of the reasons we had to move is that we (and by we I mean our books) were outgrowing the old one.

    Slightly off-topic, thanks for the update on Galaxion earlier… like you, I had figured it gone for good, and I’m elated at the possibility of a return.




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