Random Blast from the Past: Galaxion

Galaxion cover

Anyone else remember Galaxion? It was a great science fiction soap opera about the crew of a spaceship lost after a hyperspace jump, last published in 1999. I was Googling to see if I could find out what happened to creator Tara Tallan (if I remember correctly, she retired from comics when she had a child), only to find that she’s listed as a guest at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo coming up in September! Hopefully this means that she’s considering a return to producing comics, because I really enjoyed her work.

I sadly won’t be able to make it to Toronto at that time, but if any of my readers are attending, please say hi for me and see if you can find out any news.

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  1. James Schee Says:

    Oh yeah I loved the collection of that series and would really like to see how the story ends.

    I think I met Tara at my very first convention at Heroes Con. She was part of a tour with the creator of Tehives & Kings and the guys behind the series where the animal like aliens escaped the galactic zoo. Very nice and smart lady, who even put up with the other guys obssession with the store named Belk.:)

  2. annoymous Says:

    I loved Galaxian! I felt I was so lucky to even run across it in the first place. I happened to pick up an issue of CBG that had a review of it and it sounded so good, I sent for a copy. I was hooked from the first page. Aria was packing up some of my favorite books and reading The Places You’ll Go to her cat Aslan. This was obviously an author I could bond with. :) And who can forget Patti and her marvelous hats! I could never figure out why none of the comic stores I visited carried

    The story was taking such interesting turns and then it just stopped. I’d heard she was planning on turning it into a novel – which would be great, but I’d still rather have a well-written, well-drawn space opera comic available. There don’t seem to be alot of those around. For awhile I was blessed. There was Wandering Star and Galaxian. Then they were both gone. *Sigh* The good old days.

    Anyway, hope you can find out more about what’s going on.

  3. Johanna Says:

    James, I remember that! Xeno’s Arrow was the third series, and it’s sadly gone too. T&K has a new book in the latest Previews, though.

    Since Galaxion was something that Tara had worked on for most of her life, I have hopes that we’ll see something more of it someday.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Ack! So many great memories of series that aren’t around right now. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about Xeno!

    I was thinking about Galaxion recently, too. It’s great to hear that Tara Tallan hasn’t retired, it’ll be interesting to see where she wanted to take the story.

  5. jingyang Says:

    I loved this cos it is a/ SF, and b/ the only comic I’ve ever found that not only mentions New Zealand, but has scenes there.
    Sometimes reading comics that are all about the US or UK gets a little much.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Excellent point. I’ve heard it speculated that that’s one of the reasons manga is popular in the US — it provides a view of another culture, so it has an “exotic” appeal.

  7. Shawn Fumo Says:

    This sounds really interesting.. I’ll have to see if I can track anything down at some point..

  8. Johanna Says:

    The first collection is still available at Amazon, especially if you buy used.

    I really liked the way Tara put out minicomics that showed the development of the series concept, too. That kind of behind-the-scenes look fascinates me.

  9. Kelly T Says:

    Thanks for letting me and others know what happened to Ms. Tallan. I’ve had the series in my collection for years and now have decided to ‘donate’ all my issues to the Burbank Library (Burbank CA) for their book sales. Sorry, but I have to make room for more comic books and as much as I love the story, she left me hanging! I hope one day she will return to the series.

  10. Mel Says:

    I have been waiting, hoping, (praying) that Tara would get back to producing Galaxion. I’ve all the issues & the trade paperback, and would love to know what happens next.

  11. Little Fairy Says:

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