Editorial Changes at the Comics Journal

Dirk Deppey has announced some editorial changes at the Comics Journal (link now dead and removed).

TCJ #277 is Dirk’s final issue as Managing Editor. Michael Dean (formerly news editor, or something like that) takes over while Dirk becomes Online Editor, with some interesting plans for tcj.com. The new website, planned to launch August 15, is described by Dirk as follows:

I will tell you that it will feature new and original material, updated every weekday, with a new iteration of my comics-news weblog ¡Journalista! serving as the centerpiece. The biggest change to the website, however, will be for subscribers: Beginning with The Comics Journal #278, they’ll be issued log-in names and passwords that will allow them to read the magazine in its entirety online. The plan is to have it available a week or two before the print version hits comics-shop shelves, which we hope will make up for the difficulties we’ve been having in getting your subscriber’s copy to you through the mails in a timely fashion. We’ll also be adding select interviews, reviews, essays and news reports from previous issues behind the subscriber firewall as well; as time goes on, we hope to accumulate enough of a library of material to make the website a welcome resource for our subscribers, even if they prefer to read each new issue in print rather than online. (Before you ask: We’ve discussed the possibility of online-only subscriptions, but we’d prefer to wait for a few issues and see how it goes before making any final decisions on the subject.)

I know many many people will cheer the return of ¡Journalista!, including me. I consider Dirk easily the best editor the magazine’s had in the modern era (selfishly defined as “since I started paying attention” or the last ten years), so I’m concerned about this news but trying to be optimistic. Then again, my viewpoint’s biased, since he’s also the editor that asked me to write for them, which I haven’t been able to do as much as I’d like. (I get very nervous, feeling as though I’m not good enough, which doesn’t often happen to me.)

4 Responses to “Editorial Changes at the Comics Journal”

  1. James Schee Says:

    I know that I would certainly be interested in an online only subscription deal. I’ve thought about subscribing since the local BAM store stopped carrying it, but a web only plan would be really nice.

  2. Lea Says:

    How I missed iJournalista! I am happy!

  3. Sebastian Says:

    Re: Online only subscription
    Seconded. I like to read TCJ, but I don’t really need a paper copy.

  4. Ray Cornwall Says:

    See, I love the paper copy. If anything, I’m sad about this; the paper copy of the journal is as close as anything we have to an oral history of comics over the last few decades. Without the news digests, that might be lost.




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