Oni Talent Search

Oni Press is launching its 2006 Talent Search (link no longer available) to discover new artists. Visit that link, read the instructions, illustrate one of three five-page sample scripts (noir, romance, or comedy), and possibly get hired!

Illustrating one of these stories and following the above guidelines guarantees you an appointment time to meet with an Oni editor at [the San Diego] Comic-Con during the convention’s posted hours.

Not attending Comic-Con? While Oni Press does not usually accept unsolicited submissions, this is a special event and non-attending artists can submit their packet, following the guidelines above. If all guidelines are followed, submitters will get an e-mail response from Oni Press in three to six months. We realize this may seem like a long time frame, but after receiving hundreds, if not thousands of submissions last year, we feel that this is a realistic estimate given our editors’ already busy schedules. The written critique may not be as valuable as a good person-to-person critique at San Diego, but thems the breaks. Packets must be postmarked no later than July 31, 2006.

I think providing scripts aspiring artists must use is a great idea, because it reduces one of the variables involved for the editors doing portfolio reviews. It’s a shame that writers don’t have as easy an avenue.

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