Timeless Subject: Matt Wagner on Cooking

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Matt Wagner in which he talks about cooking, with lots of good advice on how to get started plus a gazpacho recipe. Also included is an online reprint of Wagner’s story from Autobiographix in which he illustrates how to make Chicken Parmigiana.

I’m still wondering why there aren’t more comics about cooking, since it seems like it would be a wonderful visual match. Maybe that should be the first comic I publish — the Comic Cookbook.

9 Responses to “Timeless Subject: Matt Wagner on Cooking”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    Super-Salad! Spider-Manicotti! Porcupine Pete-balls!

    OK, I’ve got that out of my system.

    For now.

    But really, I have no idea why something like this hasn’t been done already. Cook books constantly use sequences of photos to illustrate technique. Comics would be quicker and cheaper. And they have a long history (though perhaps only recently returned) of being used to educate process.

    And if there is anything more hip than comics at the moment, it’s food. You can’t swing a tiny paper umbrella without hitting a dozen culinary targets. From Food Network sponsoring weddings to American Chef contests to murderous somaliers on CSI, it’s all over. I mean, how Pop Culture are you (if perhaps, fourteen minutes) to be the defendant on Law & Order?

    This idea must be done! This idea will be done! The world shall know the succulent delicacy of Porcupine Pete-balls!!!

    (OK, how post-fifteen minutes are you when you are riffing on South Park jokes?)

  2. Tom Cherry Says:

    I always enjoyed it when Jill Thompson would insert a recipe in any given issue of Scary Godmother. I think a comic cook book is a swell idea.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Hey, I’ve read the DC Super-Heroes Super-Healthy Cookbook with its super burgers (use ketchup to draw an S on cheeseburgers) and wheat germ shakes (ick!). But not exactly what I was thinking of, thank you David.

    Tom, yeah, exactly, those are great!

  4. K. Thor Jensen Says:

    Eighteen amazing volumes of Iron Wok Jan say hi.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Yes, I’m aware. :)

    But IWJ isn’t about cooking as much as competition. Their recipes are just weird, and I’m not sure how follow-able they are.

  6. Lyle Says:

    IMO, IWJ’s cooking has a very Japanese pallete which makes it harder to appreciate the food (think of all the times the Japanese hosts of Iron Chef go “Oh! That sounds so good!” while American viewers retch). OTOH, when I purchased the last volume of Antique Bakery, the clerk stared at the cover for a moment and said “Now I’m hungry.”

  7. cookie Says:

    If I remember, Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg would occasionally have recipes.

    DC’s Green Arrow comic referred to Ollie’s infamous Five Alarm chili years ago, though I don’t know if they ever published the recipe.

  8. Marc Haines Says:

    I’d love to help put it together; I spent twenty years of my life in the kitchen, then coming home and drawing comics until three in the morning!
    Indie Comics Recipes (no mainstream food!)

  9. Lea Says:

    I’d totally contribute to a cooking comic. Just saying.

    I made Matt’s gazpacho (or, rather, used it as a starting point), and it is really good. The lime juice squeeze just before serving really makes a difference.




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