Tough Question: Black Women Creators

Inspired by Cheryl Lynn … can you name a black female comic creator?

Update: Thanks to my knowledgeable readers! Here’s some links:

Spike — haven’t had time to read much of the webcomic yet, but the art is terrific! I can see why she’s been compared to Carla Speed McNeil (Finder).

Alitha Martinez — I can’t find any good examples of her work, and is down, but she has created art for Marvel titles, including Iron Man and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four.

Barbara Brandon-Croft — she was recently the only African-American woman with a syndicated strip, although “Where I’m Coming From” ended earlier this year. Shame, it was good, both funny and thought-provoking. My local paper has few things to recommend it, but it was one of the very few at the end still running the strip.

The late Jackie Ormes — the first African-American woman with a syndicated comic, Torchy Brown.

That’s more than I knew before, but I wish there was at least one still working in print comics as a writer (because my biases are showing — I prefer story to art and print to web).

Update: For more on this topic, visit The Ormes Society, a website dedicated to the subject.

8 Responses to “Tough Question: Black Women Creators”

  1. Heidi MacDonald Says:

    Alitha Martinez.
    Back in the day Jackie Ormes.

  2. David Oakes Says:

    Rosario Dawson.

    (Which only goes to show how far you have to go, on both points.)

  3. Johanna Says:

    David, true … I’m curious to see that book if/when it comes out.

    Heidi, do you mind educating me? What books did/do they do?

  4. Robert Loy Says:

    Barbara Brandon-Croft who used to do a great strip called “Where I’m Coming From.”

  5. Paul Sizer Says:

    Yup, Spike rules, and here’s her webcomics site:

    Jane is totally amazed by Spikes “world-crafting” ability and puts it up there with Carla Speed and Linda Medley. Definitely worth checking out.

  6. Dan Coyle Says:

    Alitha Martinez drew Iron Man during the Quesada and Tieri runs and later worked on Voltron from Devil’s Due. Her manga-influenced art wasn’t my cuppa but it was alright.

  7. Nat Gertler Says:

    Bernyce Talley self-publishes La Menagerie.

  8. Hsifeng Says:

    Marguerite Abouet! :)




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