Tales from Riverdale Digest #11

Due to its premise, this digest is usually a mixed bag, and this installment is no exception.

The starting story, with three kids wanting to be just like Archie because he’s so cool, was laughable in its premise, and the followup, where Veronica designs herself a superhero costume and plays Powerteen, seemed like an attempt to cash in on current summer movies.

Tales from Riverdale Digest #11 cover
Tales from Riverdale
Digest #11

Jughead worrying about a meat shortage likely won’t make sense to kids without a sense of history, and the reprint Sabrina story featuring the flat cartoon-inspired art is just ugly.

The second half of the digest picked up, though, with Mad House reprints featuring a rubber boy. They weren’t original, but at least they were different.

After that came the high point: a Josie & the Pussycats story where Melody doesn’t have enough money to buy a new dress for the dance, so she makes one out of dollar bills. When she takes a few off as a loan for one of the boys, the other girls have to spirit her away before she causes a riot. It’s clever, unusual, keeping with the wacky logic of the character, visual in execution, and a great high point to end on.

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