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Wanna get discovered? Apparently your new best chance is to find a TV-sponsored contest. Marvel’s doing one for Blade (link no longer available). They want a four-page comic drawn based on a promotional video clip. (So much for writers. Not only are they not invited to enter, it’s sort of assumed that they’re not even necessary if you have a visual source.)

Meanwhile, over in San Diego, Platinum Studios is teaming up with an NBC station to do an American Idol-like talent search. Beware of this one, though — there’s no mention of who owns what, so it’s likely someone will want to take a piece, perhaps a large one, of your concept. Not to mention that Platinum is well-known for claiming to control a lot of comic book characters and properties but never actually publishing anything.

As always, the best way to get your comic published is to do it yourself.

2 Responses to “Comic Creation Contests”

  1. Paul Sizer Says:

    As a self publisher myself, I agree. The old adage “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is” always springs to mind with these kind of talent searches. If someone makes it big with one of these, yes, they’ll make a big splash… only to sink without a trace as a creator.

    Slow and steady, people. It’s the same argument I laugh at when hearing performers like Britney Spears say she’s modeling her career after Madonna’s. Honey, Madonna lived on popcorn and crappy NYC apartments before she got her first record deal, she actually writes and contributes to the production of her albums, and she took YEARS to do this, not a few years!

    Short term plans yield short results, and I have little or no sympathy for short planners who bitch about their careers losing speed early on. What did you expect? And if you’re signing up with some mega-company, don’t cry about them getting their hands on what you create from the beginning. Taking ownership in what you do will make you a lot more likely to make sure it succeeds.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Way to go Paul!




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