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In a comment at my post on Adventures in Oz, Eric Shanower reports that the limited edition is back to being a hardcover. That’ll make for one handsome book.

In a comment on my post looking at what to order from the June Previews, Jimmy Gownley clarifies how the new Amelia Rules! collections are being remastered.

Tom Spurgeon reprints part of a Steve Rude newsletter stating that plans to continue Nexus have been shelved.

Let’s just say that Baron’s scripting on the new stories were “far different” that my expectations anticipated, and I just couldn’t accept them. After several months of back and forth between Mike and I, we ultimately decided to just let the book rest in peace.

I wonder if the discrepancy was based on political content? Never mind, content-free speculation there.

I have some friends who currently don’t read comics but who fondly remember Nexus, but I can’t help feeling that its time has past. I haven’t read any of the original stories because their reprint volumes are $50 each, and that’s too much for something I’m unfamiliar with.

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  1. Michael Rawdon Says:

    I’ve been picking up the Nexus Archives precisely because I haven’t read much Nexus before. But as lovely as Rude’s artwork is, the stories are not that deep. I’m not sure I’ll continue buying the series past the third volume, and I may put the three I have up on eBay.

  2. Ian Brill Says:

    I hadn’t read any Nexus until recently reading the second volume of Dark Horse’s archives but I was really impressed. I thought the stories held up pretty well and delivered more adventure and humor than most superhero books today. Some of Rude’s pages still dazzle.

  3. James Schee Says:

    I’ve enjoyed the Nexus archives a lot so far. Just a very fun action/adventure story, with some political themes. So that’s too bad that there won’t be more.

  4. Johanna Says:

    James, I think you’re misreading. What Rude announced was no new series, not ending the reprints. I don’t know if he’s said anything about the latter.

  5. James Schee Says:

    Oops I didn’t make myself too clear last night, I’ve been working a lot of hours and must plead tiredness.

    I meant that it was too bad that there wouldn’t be more new stories, as I was enjoying these past ones. So I’d hoped to see an eventual continuation, with a bit more modern approach to it.(today’s political world would have been ripe for Nexus stories)




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